Some of the students used flag puzzles to learn about different countries and nationalities.
The Blue and Red classes learned about transportation, and how we use different vehicles to get around.
The Advanced Green class used their Kid’s Box textbooks to practice making sentences and to learn about possessive pronouns.
The Advanced Yellow class learned about countries and continents in their language lesson to connect with their current textbook unit: “Around the World”.
The Wolves are using the iPads during technology time to practice phonics and reading.
The Foxes used animals today to learn about comparative and superlative adjectives. They made sentences to describe the animals.
The preschool classes are learning about weather and the Christmas holiday during circle time. They are really excited for the Christmas event next week!
For craft today the Chicks, Sparrows and Owls made a Christmas stocking. They decorated it independently, and practiced threading using yarn.
The Owls learned adjectives in circle time today, and sang “Open Shut Them” together.
The Advanced Green class was really interested in today’s lesson about animals. They used a map to see where different animals originated.
Then, they built a zoo using Kapla and animal toys! They grouped the animals according to their habitats.
The Advanced Yellow class read stories in their textbook about people from all over the world.
They also practiced writing vocabulary words that they learned in today’s lessons.
The Chicks and Sparrows really enjoyed their warm up activity in gym. They did a fun “follow me” gross motor circuit.

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