Some of the children used the bicycles and ride on toys during their outside play time. They followed each other and engaged in pretend play.
During outside play time, the Owls played together on the treehouse. They enjoyed climbing and going down the slide.
The Red class used construction paper to make a Christmas tree.
The children learned about Christmas vocabulary using themed flashcards. They talked about what they would like to eat on Christmas and what gifts they would like from Santa.
The children really enjoyed the Christmas BINGO game that the classes played today. It was a fun way to learn our Christmas vocabulary.
The Advanced Yellow class used origami paper to make colourful Christmas candy canes.
While the children were waiting for Santa, the gathered in the gym and watch the children’s Christmas film “Klaus”.
The elementary school children made Christmas trees for today’s holiday crafts. They were very creative and added beautiful decorations.
The preschool children made a Santa craft to celebrate the upcoming holiday. They practiced fine motor skills by cutting and gluing!

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